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Collaboration Policy

You may choose to collaborate with a partner on the machine project. This page echoes information also available on the syllabus.

This requires doing all of your work on the MP together. You may not debug or write code without your partner. You also may not receive help from course staff without your partner.

This type of enforced collaboration is not common industry practice. Even developers who might choose to collaborate on trickier parts of a project would still perform a great deal of work independently. But our policy is designed to ensure you both have the opportunity to learn from all parts of the project. When you are working, you need to alternate who is driving—meaning using the keyboard. We recommend setting a timer to remind you when to switch drivers.

You cannot switch partners during the MP. But you and your partner can decide to end your collaboration at any point. If you decide to part ways, you and your partner can continue using the codebase that you worked on together.

If you choose to collaborate, please complete the collaboration agreement found at the bottom of the MP0 overview page.