CS 124 daily lessons mix text, interactive walkthroughs, video content, and small practice and homework problems.

Each one brings you one step closer to mastering the basics of computer science and programming. And the course staff will accompany you every step of the way, to ensure that you are not alone.

Spring 2022

01/28/2022: Practice with Loops and Algorithms

Today we'll pause for more practice with loops and algorithms, including several chances to get practice solving real problems.

01/27/2022: Algorithms I

Today we'll pull together everything we've learned so far and use our new skills to start solving real problems. Or, put another way, we'll start designing algorithms.

01/26/2022: Loops

Today we'll cover our last core computer capability: the ability to repeat something multiple times, very quickly.

01/25/2022: Arrays

Let's learn about our first data structure: arrays, which put data values in order.

01/24/2022: Compound Conditionals

Today we'll examine how to make our conditional statements a bit more complex, allowing us to make more interesting decisions based on data in our programs.

01/21/2022: Conditional Expressions and Statements

One of the things that makes computers so powerful is their ability to make decisions. We'll explore that capability in our programs today.

01/20/2022: Operations on Variables

Our journey continues as we examine how we can manipulate the data stored by variables in our programs.

01/19/2022: Variables and Types

Let's begin our journey in computer science by presenting two of the basic building blocks of computer programs: variables and data types.

01/18/2022: Welcome to CS 124

Welcome to CS 124! We're excited to join you as you start your journey in computer science and programming. Today!