Getting Started

Welcome to CS 124! We are so excited that you are here.

Here's how to get your introduction to computer science off to a great start.

0. Activate Google Login

Follow these instructions. We use Google login through this site and on the course forum. So you'll need to complete this step and log in before proceeding.

If you are having trouble with Google Login make sure that you have third-party cookies enabled for this site. You may also need to adjust your ad blocker settings.

Once you have Google Login set up, please login before continuing.

1. Join the Course Forum

Your account on the course forum should be ready and waiting. Join us! Most important course discussions take place on the forum, particularly in the announcements category.

2. Complete Your Profile

We'd like to get to know you a bit better. Please log on to this site and complete your profile. There is 1% extra credit available if you upload a YouTube introduction video.

3. Browse the Course Calendar

CS 124 moves steadily. However, we have lots of ways for you to get help, which we'll be adding to the calendar soon.

Note that your weekly lab is the only synchronous meeting this semester. During lab you will take a one-hour quiz. All other course activities are conducted asynchronously. This format has proven extremely successful over the past year, and we anticipate it will continue to work even better with the addition of some in-person activities.

4. Review the Syllabus

The syllabus is packed with useful information. Don't try and read it all at once. But do skim it now and then refer to it later when needed.

5. Choose Your Language

CS 124 is offered in two programming languages—Kotlin and Java. Before you start the lessons, choose your primary language.

5. Get Started on the Daily Lessons

The daily lessons begin here. Each has a small homework problem to complete. So get started and catch up as soon as you can.